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Bioselec S.A. of C.V. is an outstanding provider dedicated to the import and distribution of highly specialized equipment, reagents and consumables for research in biochemistry, biomedicine, biotechnology, molecular biology, immunology and related branches in Mexico and Latin America

We offer a committed service to the research market, clinical, industrial and pharmaceutical with a broad range of systematic solution. When applied any acquired product our customers gain the opportunity to work with human specimens, animals and / or plants.

Our extended list of products helps meet the needs of specialized laboratories in the biotechnology area. Our customer service office manages a precise logistic structure within time and assortment in order to conceive the perfect delivery conditions of the products to our clients. Moreover, our department service provides a complete support extended to ensure a proper functioning of equipment and the attention needed to our clients contributed by a group of adept avocados.



Some equipments.

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Consumables & Reagents

Some consumables and reagents

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